At Strength in Motion, Our Passion is Your Progression.

Our mission is to teach people to move and train more efficiently, so they can live a healthy active life and perform at their best.

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The Strength in Motion system focuses on movement coaching and strength and conditioning techniques. We enhance physical performance by highlighting and correcting the weak links in the body, whilst simultaneously addressing individual fitness and performance goals.

We teach a smarter way to train, based around movement and enhancing biomechanics, which prevents injuries and sustainably progresses one’s health.

train smart, live active

Reunite yourself with health and pain free movement.

We take pride in building healthy, happy and resilient human beings.

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in the beginning

Strength in motion was established in 2011 in Bondi by Matt Waterton. After leaving London behind after a 2 year stint with Watford Football Club, he decided to travel to Australia via a 6 month posting in the thriving wintersports industry in Japan.

Having discovered a passion and niche for assessing biomechanics and movement Matt recognised a gap in the Australian market. Ever since then he has been helping clients from all walks of life rediscover health and pain free movement.

Matt quickly established himself as a go to trainer in the community for those looking to reduce injury risk and improve their personal athletic performance.

With such an active community in the Bondi area demand was soon too great for one coach and Josh Allen joined the team in 2014. Coming from an athletic performance background both in Rugby and Cricket his skills in coaching well complimented the team and the business grew.

Forward on 5 years and we now have a team of five coaches and an osteopath and demand is growing every day.

“What brings us together as a team is a shared passion to provide the very best coaching and advice, so that clients progress safely and with purpose towards their health and fitness goals.”

We strive to cut through the bullshit of the industry, and base our training style on facts not fads.