The Strength In Motion training philosophy

Strength in Motion is a model based on functional fitness and corrective exercise training strategies. Our aim is to enhance our clients physical performance by highlighting and correcting weak links throughout the body whilst simultaneously addressing our clients personal fitness goals.

Our team of highly specialised personal trainers are based in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney. Following our training methods your body will be conditioned to move, feel and function better, subsequently maximising results and performance. Our goal is to educate our clients in how to become strong, flexible and efficient machines.

How will functional fitness training benefit me?

 To be functionally fit means to train your body to move and perform better, to increase productivity, strength and efficiency in all movements made in our every day pursuits, whatever they maybe.

Training to improve functional strength involves more than simply increasing the force-producing capability and size of a muscle or group of muscles. Our aim is to enhance the coordinated working relationship between the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. When we train the body in this manner, we greatly improve the effectiveness of our body, reducing the risk of injury and improving the way we move, look and most importantly feel.

The process

We can only truly develop strength when we first stop to evaluate our weak links

 To effectively build functional strength, we first need to highlight our weak links in order to correct them. If we just ignore them and continue to focus on our strengths, we will only create a greater imbalance within the body. Over time this can result in a lack of mobility, strength and ultimately long term injury.

At Strength in Motion we follow a disciplined structure with all our clients to ensure we are working towards optimal health and human performance, these steps are:

  • Assess – Physical movement and postural patterns, Highlight weak links within the body
  • Mobilize – Joints muscles and connective tissue, range of motion is essential for optimum health
  • Activate – Activate weak areas creating a stronger link between brain and muscle
  • Integrate – Integrate weak areas with surrounding musculature
  • Functional movement – Perform functional movement exercises to enhance working relationship between nervous and musculoskeletal system
  • Strength – Improve strength in motion to build fitter, stronger, leaner and more efficient body
  • Re-assess – Important to monitor progress and adapt training accordingly, setting yourself new process goals to achieve your long term targets

How do we highlight weaknesses?

Our dedicated and professional team will assess your movements and postural patterns, to highlight weak links within your body. We can then develop and implement corrective strategies into your training program so we can create a stronger balanced body.

Within our assessments we use an advanced and internationally acclaimed screening process called FMS (Functional Movement System). FMS allows us to highlight weak links within the body that can greatly affect athletic, physical and functional efficiency. We are one of the few companies in Australia who use this new screening technology from the States. To find our more about the FMS system and who is using it click here.

We also workly closely with other allied health professionals to ensure your body receives the ultimate functional assessment. As part of our team we have an osteopath who is qualified to perform a more detailed structural analysis of the human body. Armed with this in depth overview, we then work to ensure the most specific and efficient exercise prescription for your body.

 Not convinced? Click Here for what some of our clients say…..

What equipment do we use??….. YOU!

The most important piece of equipment in any functional fitness regime is your own body. Using the resistance of your own bodyweight is one of the best tools you have immediately at your disposal, after all, if we can’t first control strength and stability throughout the movements of your body, what chance do you have performing more advanced lifting techniques?

As well as using our own body weight at Strength in motion we use a variety of different functional movement and strength training tools including:

  • Kettlebells
  • TRX suspenion trainers
  • Agility ladders
  • Club bells
  • Free form boards
  • Bosu boards
  • Cable machines
  • Power bags
  • Free weights
  • Power bands

What is our training style useful for?

  • Full body fitness programming
  • Injury rehab training (in consultation with our rehab experts)
  • Sports specific strength and conditioning
  • Functional fitness training
  • Improving joint mobility and overall flexibility
  • Core stability training

Our training model can be suited and tailored towards any goal. The whole process is aimed at making your body function more efficiently because when the body moves and performs better, you will naturally burn fat, increase lean muscle mass andlook and feel amazing.

If you want real fitness results through scientifically tailored training programmes contact  Strength in Motion now.

If you’re not getting the results you expect with your present fitness training let us show you a smarter way to train.