Deadlift Technique

The deadlift is a fantastic full body strength exercise that is all too often performed with bad technique. Dead lifting is a multi joint functional exercise, every body should be able to perform dead lifts at some level, this doesn’t mean you have to lift back breaking weight to reap the benefits from this exercise. Before performing dead lifts there are a number of criteria we feel are essential to meet:

  1. The ability to engage core and glute muscles effectively
  2. Have a good understanding of how to maintain a neutral spine
  3. Have a good range of movement though hip extension
  4. Have the ability to perform straight leg toe touch from standing position

Once we can tick the boxes on this checklist we can start to teach people how to pattern their dead lifts, starting with a light weight and focusing on quality repetitions.

“Perfect practise makes perfect”

Dead lifting is a skill that needs to be taught over time, if your technique is not spot on then concentrate on learning the technique rather than overloading the bar. It’s better to do less reps and learn the movement so you can progress to lift more weight in the future,  rather than overload with bad technique and herniate a disc!

Have a look at our video for some basic pointers on deadlift technique. For a more in depth analysis of your own technique and ways to improve it contact us.


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