Effective plank technique

Effective plank technique is essential if you wish to gain any benefits out of the exercise. But what is correct plank technique and what does it actually do?

The plank is an anterior core  exercise, it is designed to teach the body to support the spine against external forces upon it, by using the core muscles to maintain a neutral spine position. The plank teaches the core how to stabilise the spine and prevent it from going into excessive lumbar arching (arching of the lower back).

We have put together a short video for you that highlights common faults, and some progressions to help improve your plank technique.

Five important points to consider:

  1. Don’t round through your upper back, avoid hunching up and taking all load through your shoulders, keep shoulders down and try to activate lats by squeezing through armpits.
  2. Get long, think of making your spine nice and long and your legs straight out behind you.
  3. Get glutes involved, squeeze your bum and try to tilt pelvis up towards your chest, helps to take pressure off  low back and more into your core.
  4. Activate core and draw in through your midsection, we want to feel the work here and in your Glutes, not in your lower back.
  5.  If struggling with the full plank on your elbows and toe’s, try one of the other variations in the video, The plank from the knee’s if performed correctly, is an excellent exercise for all levels


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