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Our focus program is more than just personal training. It is a holistic individualised approach, specific to the needs of you and your lifestyle.

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Do you struggle to stay consistent with your training?

Does your body hold you back from doing the things you love?

Are you an active person, trapped in an injured body?

Confused by the industry and don’t know where to start?

Well, we understand your frustration


We provide a combination of Movement, Health and Performance coaching services specific to your individual needs.

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what is your focus?

  • movement

    Unlock restrictions and rediscover pain free movement

  • strength
    & conditioning

    Bullet proof your body, strength, power, speed, stamina

  • sport performance

    Raise the bar of your athletic performance.

  • rehab & injury management

    Corrective exercise strategies to address injuries

  • health

    A holistic approach to health and performance

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Our training style is based around movement and enhancing biomechanics to prevent injuries and sustainably progress health, fitness and performance.

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We utilise an in-depth health and movement screening process, to ensure we set the right foundations for your program

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Private Coaching & Personalised Programs

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6 Week Personalised Program

  • 2 x PT Sessions (extra sessions may be required)
  • 6 week fully customised program
  • 6 week access to SIM APP (program delivered via the app)
  • Exercise technique videos (in app)
  • Progress monitoring and support
App Only 6 Week Digital Program

  • 6 week fully customised program
  • Balanced program with progressive overload, tailored to your needs
  • 5+ sessions per week
  • Exercise technique videos
  • Progress monitoring and online chat in app
5 x Gym Based



10 x Gym Based PT



10 x Gym Based PT



10 x Mobile PT

Health coaching plan
Gym Based PT



Gym Based PT



Health Coaching

Mobile PT

Small Group

$130 = 1 person, $30 extra pp

$130 + $30 pp

Free intro consultation, movement screening & body composition analysiS
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The Fusion Program has been a lifesaver during lockdown! Love how the workouts are customised to my goals and the app is so easy to use. I’m quite new to exercise and it’s been a thrill to see myself progress week to week. I have never sweat so much either! Best of all the trainers are only a quick message away and keep me motivated and supported. Will definitely keep it up after lockdown too!

‘As part of our employee wellness programme, we engaged the SIM team to undertake a series of in-house workshops to educate our people on the importance of movement, diet and prioritising their health. The Insight program was informative, practical, engaging and tailored to suit the needs and knowledge gaps of our workforce. The focus on relatable content, delivered in a relaxed yet focussed environment, was perfectly aligned to our employees level of understanding. The success of the programme can be measured by the engagement of our staff throughout, and by the healthy culture we have implemented as a team in the workplace.'

The SIM Insight program has been instrumental in demonstrating to our team that we care deeply about their health and wellbeing. It has had a huge impact on so many individuals and greatly benefited the company as a whole. The program reflects our own beliefs, that the ups and downs of a successful career are best handled when in a healthy state; and the knock-on effect is not just felt in the workplace, but also flows into our personal and family lives as well. The SIM Insight program has also improved communication and conversations between management and other staff, and generated new levels of teamwork amongst all those participating. This sense of solidarity and support has since flowed on to our working relationships, much more so than any other team exercise we have done in the past.

I first started training with Strength In Motion to help the recovery process after an ACL reconstruction. The training style is completely personalised, Matt analysed what was happening to my body every time we trained and adjusted according to my feedback. That’s what I really loved about it, he’s not just handing you these standard rehab sessions, but is really focussed on how he can create the best program for your body. Other than that Matt is a super chilled and funny guy, who I feel very comfortable training with. I feel he is really driven to help me get even better than before my ACL rupture.

I had recently hurt my back in addition to having chronic knee problems and needed to get some help. Since training with Strength In Motion, I am a lot stronger and more flexible which makes me feel more confident. I now make better decisions when it comes to my body and diet which has helped me lose weight and gain muscle. I can now get a proper night’s sleep which in turn has made me a calmer person and better equipped to handle everyday life.

I started training with Matt after a 4-year history of pain and various injuries. My body had fallen apart before I hit 30, I had seen many different doctors and specialists with very little change. As a health professional, I knew what type of training I needed, it was just very hard to find. Training with Matt has changed my life. I fell in love with exercising again, when you learn to move well you can’t help it. Both physically and mentally I am the strongest I have ever been. Training has allowed me to continue my work and live pain-free. Matt has also made me a better chiropractor, his knowledge has provided me with so many tools to be able to help my own clientele with great success. Thanks, guys for doing what you do so well. I’m forever grateful that I found you!

Matt addressed the reasons I was getting injured so easily and worked on improving my stability muscles, balance and strength. This helped me return from the trauma my body had been through whilst recovering from surgery and chemo. I am in completely different shape from when I began. Overall cardio, flexibility and strength are so much better. All that brings such a greater sense of daily wellbeing. I have more energy and feel so much better able to deal with health challenges.

Way too many hours at a desk each day mixed with the practice of rather violent combat sports has resulted in regular back, shoulder and neck injuries. Strength in motion provided training that wasn't aiming at mindless fitness, instead laser-focused to my specific needs. I feel much better already, after just a few weeks. Training the brain as much as the body, making me realize which muscles I should be using, impacting my position every day. I feel stronger in general, but more than that, more mobile and more flexible.

Training with Matt and Issy has enabled me to recognise movement patterns that have caused previous injuries and taught me to move with confidence and strength. I can honestly say this training has changed my life. I’m pain-free and can do all the exercises that would have previously left me injured. I can sit at my desk for long periods of time without discomfort. I’m more educated, stronger and healthier thanks to Matt’s guidance (and patience!)

The training has been wonderful. Within 6 weeks my knee was feeling better and now 18 months down the track I am feeling fitter and stronger than I have been for a long time. I feel very confident about my strength and mobility. This has been very important in enriching my state of wellbeing.

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