Strength in Motion at the Sydney Urbanathlon

Last weekend saw the Mens Health Urbanathlon take place in Sydney  for the first time. The race was held in Darling harbour over an 10.7k course with a collection of 10 different obstacles thrown in along the way to slow you down and hamper your progress.

At Strength in Motion we had decided to enter this event not long before and had only given ourselves 3 weeks to train leading into it, probably not the best preperation but we were really excited about taking part in the race around such an beautiful setting.

It was a fantastic sunny day and a great turnout for the race, The event organisers for the Mens Health Urbanathlon did a great job and everything ran smoothly, with over 3000 competitors they must have been very happy with the turnout. In the Strength in Motion team it was a great pleasure to have with me Steve Richards, Charlie Kingston, Adam Becker and Brianna Boyd. obviously their was a lot of banter within the team about who would win, i think most people didnt really mind where they came over all, as long as they beat me! But, as captain, and the positive character that i am, i took that as a compliment on my motivational skills!

I took this motivational role a step further as the gun sounded and we headed out onto the course by setting a blistering pace for the team to follow. After about 4oo metres i let Charlie and Adam pass me, my blistering pace must of been a bit pedestrian for them! The obstacles themselves weren’t as challenging as we had thought but still added something extra to the event and made it more interesting, it really made a change a exciting change to standard running events.

Overall we all had a great day, the team did really well and we came in 3rd overall in the team event out of over 250 teams. We entered to have some fun and something extra to train for, and it turned out to be an awesome day. Special thanks to Charlie, Adam, Brianna and Steve  for joining me out there, looking forward to training for tough mudder with you all!




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